ScanTrac Solo

Designed to inspect metal cans, composite cans and plastic containers.

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Key Stats

X-ray tube
600W metal ceramic
Metal detection size
0.8 mm SS
Glass detection size
1.5 mm SLG
High speed operation up to 233 m/minute
Filler/Seamer, Monitoring/Sampling

Typical Applications

Metal food cans
Metal beverage containers
PET containers

The Solo is specially designed for the inspection of non-glass rigid containers.

The ScanTrac Solo is part of InspX’s family of advanced side-view X-Ray inspection systems and is specially designed for the inspection of non-glass rigid containers (e.g. metal and composite cans, plastic containers and boxes).

The Solo mounts over the customer’s existing conveyor and therefore offers completely non-contact inspection at linear speeds up to 233 meters (700 feet) or 2000 containers per minute!

The Solo leverages InspX’s proprietary inspection software to detect a wide range of foreign material and container defects (e.g. knock down flanges).

Finally, the Solo is easy to own and inexpensive to maintain. Superior InspX service ensures that you’ll have access to immediate support 24X7 and convenient local service when you need it.

Tech Specs

Machine Architectures Side-view X-Ray system
Conveyor Mounts over customer’s existing conveyor. No transfer points, product contact
X-Ray Tube Configuration One metal ceramic tube – one X-Ray beam
Product/Package Size Width: 175mm (7 inches)

Height: 300mm (12 Inches)

Environment IP 65 (IP 69K optional)
Speed Up to 233 m/minute (700 ft/min)
Voltage Without AC: 120-230V @ 1.8 kVA, 50/60 Hz single phase

With AC: System 120-230V @ 3.6kVA, 50/60 Hz single phase

Air 80psi @5cfm (for ejection only)
Ambient Temperature 1°C – 40°C (up to 45°C with optional air conditioner)
Diode Size Electronically switchable 0.4 – 0.8mm resolution
Container Ejection Full family of ejection options available
Dimensions (LxWxH) 833 x 1928 x 1476 mm


600W Metal Ceramic X-Ray Tube

Metal ceramic X-Ray tubes offer superior imaging in a compact, easily replaceable package which weighs 6.8kg (15lbs). The design of this tube allows it to operate at 50% more X-Ray power than competitors, which results in a sharper X-Ray image to improve foreign material detection and lower false rejects.

Non-contact Operation

The Solo mounts over your existing conveyor and therefore avoids container transfers.

Multiple Resolution Detectors

Getting the best inspection performance is more complex than just using the highest resolution detectors, which is why Peco-InspX systems come standard with electronically switchable 0.8 mm/0.4 mm detectors.

HDRX Inspection Software

Peco-InspX high resolution inspection software or HDRX is the most advanced automated inspection software available today. The software features algorithms for:

  • Fill Level
  • Headspace Calculation
  • Void Detection
  • 15 Different Foreign Material Inspections
  • Dent Detection
  • Cap and Lid Detection
  • Mass Measurement
Category 4 Safety Features

Each Peco-InspX X-Ray system is designed to meet the most rigorous worldwide safety standards.

24x7 Support

While many inspection equipment providers offer some form of remote support, only Peco-InspX can confidently demonstrate that we quickly resolve over 95% of customer issues with our powerful remote diagnostics software.


Operations Guardian

Operations Guardian is a revolutionary monitoring system that offers a variety of advantages:

  • Real time system and performance monitoring of each machine
  • Proactive outreach from Peco-InspX service when problems occur
  • Insight into operational performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic archiving and classification of reject images
  • Optional archiving of all inspection images
Simultaneous Underfill and Overfill Monitoring

The FillTrac can simultaneously measure underfill and overfill levels.

Filler Monitoring

With the filler monitoring package, the Solo can track the performance of each filler valve in the filler and report out detailed statistics on its filling performance. The Filler Monitoring package supports both beverage and food fillers.

Seamer Sampling

With the automated seamer sampling option, the Solo provides fully automated sampling at programmed intervals. The system also supports on demand sampling.

Cocked/Missing Cap Detection

The cocked/missing cap sensor is an inexpensive way to ensure that containers are properly capped.

Missing Foil Detection

The missing Foil sensor verifies the presence of foil seals under caps.

Full Assortment of Ejection Options

Peco-InspX designs and manufactures a wide assortment of high performance ejectors and diverters. Click here for more information.

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