A Tour of Peco InspX Headquarters


This blog is an overview of what the development teams at Peco InspX are working on, continually trying to develop new ways of ensuring your product’s safety.

The basis for all Peco Inspx technology is building the best image that we possibly can. To do that, we use a sophisticated X-ray tool. If you know a lot about X-ray machines, you may notice in the video that ours is considered small by industry standards. But that’s because an important design philosophy of ours is to keep everything simple – to drive lower costs of ownership and ease operation for the customer.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our machines are the best in the world. The engineering department builds our products and continues our main differentiators.

The prototype lab develops our systems (in the same lab where Tesla used to design their cars!). One of our prototype systems: the SHIELD Glissando-Plus, which performs glass inspection. This system has one of the best capabilities for measuring small glass particles in food and beverage containers.

Another prototype we’ve developed is the high-temperature testing chamber, which we use to test machines to 60 degrees Celsius to make sure they work well. Top-down systems which have high-resolution detectors which can find tiny fragments of bone in bulk chicken or beef, for example.

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