Corporate History and Mission

Peco-InspX was founded in 1955 in Silicon Valley as PECO Controls, focused on inspection equipment for canning applications. (At the time, it was surrounded by peach orchards!) It developed the first inductive can sensor, and then continued to innovate systems with “no touch” sensing. The systems it developed were so long-lived, in fact, that some processing and manufacturing plants today still use systems that were installed 30 years ago – and are running perfectly well.

The InspX division is dedicated to the science of X-ray technology for food and beverage. In 2000, InspX was incorporated as a subsidiary of PECO Controls, creating the brand Peco-InspX. The incorporation was a marriage of two distinct but complementary pursuits: inspection equipment from PECO and X-ray technology from InspX.

Today, we embrace many of the same types of technology aspirations expected of company in Silicon Valley – the very best performance and exceptional service. We continue our heritage of innovation. So if you’re looking for the absolute best technology, coupled with 24/7 service that’s guaranteed to make you happy, please visit the Peco-InspX website or click on the link below.


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