Empty Bottle Inspection with X-ray Systems

Today we’re talking about empty glass inspection with X-ray systems.

Many of you are familiar with EBI or “empty bottle inspectors”, which are vision-based systems that do an analysis of glass bottles before they’re filled to make sure it’s safe to do so. X-ray systems can provide two critical editions to what your EBI can do:

First, when using an X-ray system on the container, the X-ray can measure the wall thickness of the glass with exceptional precision. That means you don’ have to worry about a thin-walled jar getting into your production line and breaking.

Second, a significant benefit of an X-ray system is that its ability to detect inclusions is much better than with a vision-based EBI. So, any type of metal or glass abnormality that gets embedded into the side of the container will be found without a problem.

By using these tools – or by partnering with your glass manufacturer and using these tools – you can ensure that the glass containers you’re about to fill during production are 100% good to use. For more information, click on the link.

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