High Resolution X-ray Imaging

Many of you are familiar with X-ray imaging and how it works, and what’s practical for today’s machines. We take that imaging capability a step further: the next generation of these machines – high resolution – can transform the inspection efficacy of applications.

Some examples of difficult applications:

  • Imagine your product is nuts in a plastic jar. If you image it, there’s a lot of noise; you can’t clearly see contaminants like glass because the contaminants have a similar density to the product itself. 
  • Another difficult application is peppercorns; again, it’s very hard to see stones in this application due to the similar density with the product – even though stones are the number one contaminant you would like for while inspecting peppercorns. 
  • Even harder would be trail mix: raisins, nuts, pretzels, the whole works. The imaging can be messy because there are so many different product types and densities. Spotting contaminants becomes even harder than usual. 

How High Resolution Clears the Picture

Peco-InspX uses high-resolution top-down machines with a 900 mm-wide detector. What makes our high resolution unique? 

  • Exceptional density discrimination 
    • You can see much smaller differences in density than you’re used to with a commercial X-ray system.
  • Detector life
    • Other companies offer “high resolution”, and that’s usually a consumable detector that wears away quickly and consumes a lot of power. Our designs are quantifiably last longer. From an operations standpoint, it works like a normal X-ray rather than needing extra power. From a cost standpoint, this means the cost of ownership is similar to your existing machines. 

High-resolution images make it possible to detect contaminants and seal issues that could seriously harm your customers, products, and brands. Finding a 3 mm piece of stone or glass is a piece of cake. There’s also a phenomenal reduction in false reject rates and a massive improvement in reliability of detection. 

Standard resolutions are often noisy, busy, or grainy; and just can’t guarantee that you’ll detect problems. 

Bottom line: with today’s high-resolution technology, we can do a lot better and your operation will be a lot cleaner. 

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