Machine Customization for X-ray Inspection

What makes us unique as a vendor is that we specialize in machine customization. We realize that a lot of customers don’t want a box or just an X-ray machine: they need a full solution to inspect their product. Often that involves special product handling or reject capability that needs to be made specifically for them.

This blog will cover our process for customization, to give some insight into what we do.

The bare bone minimum of what any vendor will provide you is an engineering drawing for a machine. You can put it in your line layout and study how the machine works. What Peco-InspX gives you is a process to design and validate the X-ray solution for your capability. We have a 20-point installation and capability checklist that our sales engineer will walk through with you, to ensure that everyone understands how to use the product, what kinds of products you want to inspect, for both currently and in the future.

We want to make sure that whatever we’re providing for you is going to be a strategic asset to your business – not something you’ll have to sell after 2 years because the machine can’t progress with what you need.

There’s a lot of expertise we bring to the table – not just to the engineering side, but also to the fabrication side.

Our factory is about a 60-minute drive from our office. That means our engineers can work closely and hands-on with our manufacturing personnel to make sure solutions we design for you are going to work in your completed system. That’s a huge help – when you come out to an FAT, we don’t give you a mini-FAT or a simulation in return. We’re going to give you a very real FAT.

If you include customization, we’re going to demonstrate the efficacy of that capability in that FAT.

If you’ve got a specialized need that other vendors can’t meet, we highly recommend you speak with us. We’re going to give you a thorough cost-effective solution you’ll be delighted with.

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