Peco InspX, the world’s leading authority on high performance X-Ray inspection equipment for the food and beverage industries is pleased to announce its presence at Anuga Food Tec (March 20- 23) in Halle 5.2, Booth C-031.  The focus of this year’s show will be our latest SHIELD X-Ray inspection systems – the featured machines include the SHIELD Solo, a high performance side-view inspection platform for rigid containers, and the SHIELD Allegro, a 510 mm wide top-down system.

In addition to class leading detection performance, another big advantage of Peco InspX systems is their exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership.  When purchasing an X-Ray inspection system, customers should ask suppliers questions about the warranty and typical cost of ownership.  The cost of maintaining and servicing X-Ray inspection systems can be significant and often the cheapest offering to buy is not the least expensive system to own, particularly when service and downtime costs are considered.  The big force driving the super cost of ownership of Peco X-Ray systems is their robust design and their powerful remote diagnostics platform that allows 95% of customer issues to be successfully addressed without the presence of an on-site service technician.

“Peco InspX has had a long history of serving food and beverage customers in Europe and we continue to make major investments into our sales and service organization within the UK and Europe in order to serve our expanding customer base,“ commented Tony Byrant, Managing Director for the UK and Europe.

For more information on Peco InspX’s advanced X-Ray inspection systems, please visit or in Europe