Seeing and Believing Peco-InspX

Did you know that our headquarters in San Carlos, California was the original Tesla office? Maybe some of that innovation rubbed off on us because we continually strive for better, faster, stronger machines to meet your inspection needs. 

One of our innovations: the advanced hardware and software for X-ray imaging that we use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry inspections. But it’s hard to just read about advancements and believe in the capabilities. Seeing is believing. That’s why we make videos that showcase our knowledge and just how far beyond the competition our machines go. 

What we want to do with our videos and blogs is walk the walk. We’re not a box manufacturer – we’re an engineering company that develops total solutions for you as a customer. Whatever you need, you have a valued partner who understands how these applications work. Our videos demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and hopefully, help you understand what’s technically possible.   

There are more videos and blogs in the making. Thank you for the positive feedback so far, and I look forward to what we come up with next. 


To learn more about our innovative company, please visit our website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you!