Watch this video to learn the importance of glass x-ray inspection.

The Importance of Glass X-Ray Inspection

The sound of breaking glass at home is a warning sign that you had better be on the lookout for glass shards to make sure no one gets hurt. It turns out the same threat applies in a food or beverage plant, except on a much larger scale. Broken glass in a food or beverage plant can potentially affect thousands of products and thousands of people, and cost a great deal of money.

Peco-Inspx has designed some of the highest performing X-ray inspection machines to ensure the safety of the families, products, and the workplace. Peco-Inspx Machines contain the most cutting edge imaging and analysis software available on the market today. In addition to the unparalleled ability to detect contaminants, Peco-Inspx machines also have an element of self-awareness. Each machine has the ability to detect if any component is not behaving appropriately and can report this information back to the engineers at Peco-Inspx. The engineers are always monitoring the machines, and over 90% of the time they can diagnose and repair machines without ever having to make a maintenance call in person.

What all this really adds up to is peace of mind for the plant manager, and knowing that all of the products will be safe.

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