Walking the Walk

If you’ve been following our new series “Walking the Walk”, you’ll know that we make our videos to give insight into the capabilities of X-ray inspection machines.  

We are on the cutting edge of vision and X-ray inspection for all our applications. We do a lot of image acquisition expertise; a lot of focus on image processing; and it all results in being able to do and produce things no one else can. Things like our high-resolution systems; seal inspection; multi-part component check weighing; and high accuracy levels we can guarantee. 

The technology has changed exponentially, leading to a lot of new applications that will surprise you with their capabilities. 

Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at where the innovation happens: our headquarters in San Carlos, California. 

To learn more about our innovative company, please visit our website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you!