What You Need in a Glass Inspection Machine

Today, we have some advice: things to look for when choosing a glass inspection machine.

The hardest thing about glass inspection: the product is the same kind of density as what you’re looking to find. That means you need a very sensitive X-ray machine.

A unique thing about glass containers is that they have things called “punts” or “push-ups” on the bottom. They’re the indentions that push upward. 
Those are made so that the container doesn’t roll around on the production line in the glasshouse when it’s made. Unfortunately, they cause a big problem with inspection. Therefore, you want to make sure your machine has multiple beams to be able to see around that punt.


asymmetrical glass shard

Example of an asymmetrical glass shard

The other reason X-ray machines need multiple beams is that glass shards are asymmetric; meaning they can often be long, thin things. You want to make sure one of your X-ray detectors can see the biggest piece of glass so you can detect it. Machines that have single beams are not well-suited to glass inspection because they have trouble finding asymmetric shards.

Peco-InspX’s high-speed systems have a superior metal-ceramic tube that allows us to see the absolute smallest glass shards that can get stuck inside your bottle.

So when you think about glass inspection, make sure you choose a machine that’s well-suited to the kind of application that you have. It should have asymmetric inspection technology to maximize the chance of finding the things that you’re looking for.

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