Why do we make these videos?

Why do we write these blogs? Why do we make these videos? 

Hopefully, you’ve noticed by now that we have a commitment to open information: we’re transparent about how our machines are made, how X-ray systems work, and what they and we are capable of. We consistently create writing and media that lets you behind-the-scenes of X-ray inspection. 

Food safety is so important. Yet, inspection is complicated. Part of our philosophy at Peco-InspX is that through these videos and blogs, we can show you how we’re capable of doing things so that you have a 100% understanding of how state-of-the-art inspection works. Our hope in doing that is that you learn something and insight into the unique issues surrounding food and beverage inspection. 

We’re not people who just make machines and ship them out – we’re people who deliver an inspection solution. That involves custom engineering, configuring our machines, to better do what you need to be done; all geared toward 100% of your project requirements are met in a way that has less overhead for you.

We want these videos and blogs to help you gain confidence in your inspection process. And the more knowledge there is, the more certainty grows. You can’t have full trust in your product’s safety without knowing how the process works and what’s happening behind the scenes. You should know what signs to look for and what the results should be. 

To learn more about our innovative company, please visit our website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you!