Leading Technology for Pharmaceutical Inspection

Pharmaceutical Inspection

Peco InspX is the words leading inspection solution for the Pharmaceutical industry

Precise Inspection of Pharmaceuticals at Full Line Speeds

Pharmaceutical packagers rely on ScanTrac X-Ray Inspection Systems to verify product content in pharmaceutical kits, vials, bottles, and blister pill packs. Our machines see through pharmaceutical packaging at high speeds to reliably detect missing components, verify fill levels of vials, find voids in creams, and identify foreign materials in product. These machines are designed to operate on conveyors at high speeds.

Leading Pharmaceutical
Inspection Capabilities

InspX ScanTrac systems cover a wide array of pharmaceutical inspection tasks to ensure the highest confidence in shipping defect free product.

  1. Missing ComponentsVerification of instructions, needles, or other components
  2. ContaminantMetal, glass, stone, bones, and other foreign matter
  3. Fill LevelFill height of individual vials
  4. VoidMissing or partial caplets or components, air pockets in creams
  5. DensityProduct weight of individual components