The A Series is a versatile top down system designed for low speed metal detector replacement applications for inspecting smaller containers.

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Key Stats

Product Analysis
Real time
Designed for food industry
Wash-down with easy maintenance
User friendly operator control
Automatic calibration
Design Size
Small footprint

Typical Applications

Tall cardboard boxes
Large Cases

The A-Series represents the most innovative automatic inspection offering

The A-series represents the most innovative offering in the field of automatic inspection. The system demonstrates superior performance in identifying contaminants, such as metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics, scanning for mass, missing or broken products and detecting packing voids.The A-series conveyor inspection system can inspect virtually any discrete packaged items or continuous bulk product flows that can travel by conveyor.

Tech Specs

Detector array length 256 mm (10 inches) or 409mm (16 inches)
Conveyor Mounts over customer’s existing conveyor.
Maximum line rate 4,000 lines per second
Video display 15” color touchscreen
Environment IP 65 (IP 69K optional)
Conveyor speed 0 – 60 m/min computer controlled
Power requirements 110 VAC or 200-240 VAC at 200VA
Inspection rate Up to 400 packs/minute
Temperature 1ºC – 40ºC (up to 45ºC with optional air conditioner)
Detection limit 0.4-1.2 mm stainless steel typical
X-ray generator Various specifications from 40Kv to 70Kv
Dimensions (LxW) 685 x 800 mm


Monitoring of Product and Package Attributes

Real time inspection of products to confirm count, mass, and detect broken or damaged products and other reject conditions.

Superior Inspection Performance

The A-series combines the advanced linear array technology of the Automatic X-ray Inspection Systems, with advanced inspection algorithms for the most difficult inspections.

Detection and Elimination of Foreign Bodies

Including metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics.

Multiple Configurations

For inspection of any product format: trays, pouches, cases, bottles, cans and loose product.

Ruggedly engineered for long term durability

The stainless steel cabinet is designed for wash-down environments. It is available in sealing standards from IP65 and NEMA4 up to IP69 and PW12.


Sanitary Design

The A-Series comes with washdown and easy maintenance.

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