Foil Seal Inspection with X-ray Systems

This blog post focuses on foil seal inspection with X-ray systems.

Many products have a thermal seal; heat sealing is foundational for most packaging designers. They create a permanent barrier against micro-organisms, and are used for thin-wall food, snack bags, plastic bottles, packing for hardware and electronics; the list goes on. Imagine when you open a ketchup bottle and you have to remove the thin foil over the opening before you can start using it: that’s a thermal seal.

During the X-ray inspection process, it’s essential to make sure that seal is there.

Peco InspX has two solutions to this: all of our X-ray systems can be equipped with optional missing foil and missing cap sensors that make it very easy to check if they’re correctly included in the packaging. These sensors are integrated into the machine: we don’t use any extra line space. And every product inspection is done to find them.

For more advanced cases, Peco InspX has X-ray systems that can image the foil seal itself and make sure it’s sealed. We use a high-resolution X-ray system that actually shows the signature of the seal on the container. This is for very valuable things that you want to make absolutely sure are sealed.

For more information about including a foil seal inspection in your X-ray system, contact a Peco InspX representative.

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