Overcoming High Product Noise in X-ray Inspection

High product noise is when a product consists of many free-moving pieces that are nearly identical in size and shape, such as a jar of peanuts or peppercorns. High product noise presents a unique set of difficulties in X-ray inspection. As you can imagine, when looking at an X-ray image of a jar of peanuts it can very difficult to distinguish between the product and contaminants. This is actually one of the most difficult scenarios in X-ray inspection.

The way Peco-InspX overcomes this challenge is by using some of the most sophisticated imaging technology available today. First, the software works to reduce the “noise” of the image. This is done by creating a high contrast image that provides a distinct separation of the contents. This process normalizes the “noise” of the image making the image easier for the software to perform additional screening.

Next, the imaging software uses advanced machine learning to determine what individual product pieces look like, i.e. individual peanuts or peppercorns. The software uses machine learning to build a profile of the product and establish guidelines for what the size and shape and density of the products will be.

Unless the foreign material is the nearly the exact size shape and density of the product, Peco-InspX machines will be able to easily identify any contaminants and prevent the contaminant from being distributed.

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